Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Family Newsletter Update

So...a little update on my family newsletter:

Well it is definitely going interestingly...okay I'll admit it. It isn't going well.

I decided that I would create 2 slightly different versions for the 2 branches of my family tree that do not really communicate together (One version is for my maternal grandfather's side of the family and the other is for my maternal grandmother's side of the family).

Well as I tried brainstorming ideas for what to write, I realized how little information I had. I figured that for each version of the newsletter I would highlight one ancestor and give some information on that person. I was hoping that people would then get inspired to maybe call or email me and tell me about a story that they have to share.

Well highlighting one ancestor is a good idea - only problem is it's my only idea. I don't have any other ideas...

Not having any ideas is sure making things difficult.

I have my aunt and cousin coming down from Seattle for a conference and hopefully I can bounce some ideas off of them. Maybe that'll help.


Ruth said...

Hi Elyse!
Welcome to the land of genealogy blogging! I'm so glad you started your own blog. Your YouTube videos are really great! If you're interested, you might consider a Facebook account. There is a whole herd of us genealogists at Facebook with a lot of activity going on. It's a new phenomenon for us that holds a lot of potential, I think.
Have a great day!
Ruth Stephens