Monday, April 6, 2009

The Controversy Over Sources In Blogs

I tried to resist jumping on the bandwagon - but I couldn't.

99% of the time, I will probably not cite my sources. Why? Because it is a blog, and I don't believe a blog is a source: It is a starting place, a place to pick up tips and helpful websites and a place for a general discussion to happen (or at least it is for my blog!)

And I'm not offended by the idea of my blog not being a good source. I would hope that if anyone found information that was helpful on my blog or that might relate to their genealogy, that they would contact me in some way (easiest way is through email: If not, then I can't stop them. Some people will make mistakes and choose not to do what you want - you can't spend your time stressing.

So once again - if anyone wants a source for one of my posts, simply email me and I'd be happy to provide it.


Anonymous said...

Hi Elyse, I've come to the same conclusion. It doesn't seem necessary to source everything on a blog. I really like your blog and videos, by the way!

Cindy said...

Elyse - I'm with you! While yes, the source of our information is important, this isn't why I have a blog - it's my outlet, my avenue to share and hopefully make some connections. If someone wants my source for a piece of info of course I'll share.

Harriet said...

I agree with you. My blog is hopefully to show that Genealogy can be a FUN hobby. My blog is Genealogy Fun. If someone wants my source I'll be glad to share.