Thursday, October 16, 2008

I've Been Tagged (Meme)

Wow - can this genea-blogger community speed up much more? I mean the number of blogs out there seems endless and it is growing every day. It gets difficult to get to know everybody - but little games like this one keep us all talking and meeting eachother.

I was tagged in this game by Janet over at

So here we go:

10 Years Ago I:

  • Was 9 years old
  • Living in Kent, Washington near Lake Fenwick
  • practically lived on my bike
  • enjoyed visits with my older cousin Genese who lived in a small cabin on Lake Martha and rescued was my doggy heaven
  • Begged my mom to get my ears pierced, finally convinced her, we went to the mall to have it done, the nice lady pierced one ear and I started crying begging her not to do the other one. But since my mom had paid for two ears to be pierced - two ears were pierced.

5 Things On Today's To Do List.

  • Finish reading the two sections of for math class (ugh...)
  • Finish another section of math homework (double ugh...)
  • Pay credit card bill (done)
  • Pick up Prescription (done)
  • Eat another Zinc Pop to try and beat this cold that wants to come on

5 snacks I enjoy:

  • M&M's
  • Gorgonzola Salad with Ranch from Marie Callendars
  • Pita Chips with Artichoke Hummus
  • Milano Cookies (Milk Chocolate)

5 places I've lived (Some longer than others)

  • San Pedro, CA
  • Kent, WA
  • San Marcos, CA
  • Torrance, CA
  • Lomita, CA
5 Jobs I've had

  • Tutor
  • Student
  • Office Assistant
  • Family Researcher (not a paid job! lol)
  • Being a Big Cousin to my little cousins

Alright - so there you go. Now it is my turn to start tagging a few here I go!


Janet Hovorka said...

Love the ear piercing story. I had to beg my Mom for pierced ears too. Thanks for playing tag with me. You are a great person to have in our neigborhood.