Sunday, November 2, 2008

Was My Story Fact Or Fiction?

I nearly forgot to tell you all whether my scary ghost story was real or not! But...not to fear, I may be telling you the truth a little late - but I am still telling you.

For those of you who have no idea what I am talking about...well I wrote a scary ghost story ( in a genealogy carnival. As part of the story, we were required to have the readers guess whether the story was true or false. is the bottom line: MOST of the story is true. I really did hear my name as well as dogs in the distance, and the source of the sounds are unknown.

Everyone did get thoroughly creeped out (Well...All except my Aunt Phyllis who kept saying she wanted to stay to see what the "spirits" wanted). We did leave...rather fast actually. My Aunt Deb had my cousin Jen and I running down the dirt hill trying to get back to the car.

The part that is fake though, is the blood on my knee...or rather how the blood got on my knee. As Jen and I had been running to the car, we had been holding hands to keep close together. Sure enough, she tripped and she pulled me down to the ground with her. She got some bad scrapes on her hands and my knee hit a rock, causing a small deep cut to occur.

I hope you all enjoyed reading the story because I really enjoyed writing it and reading your guesses.