Sunday, February 1, 2009

Carnival Of Genealogy - 65th Edition: My Happy Dance

The topic for the 65th Edition of the Carnival of Genealogy is to describe your happy dance.

The last time I had my happy dance was last Thursday. A woman who descends from my Keppler line (which is a very difficult line for me) found my cousin Joan's email address on the web. So, she emailed Joan, who tried to forward the email to me, but said my email address didn't work. So she forwarded the email to my Uncle Larry, who then forwarded the email to me.

Once I finally read the email I was estatic. She described meeting "Uncle Max and Aunt Marie" (my great-grandparents) once as a heart began racing. Then the email went on to describe the immigration record she found (which I've been desperately searching for but haven't been able to find). Finally, I couldn't contain myself and I bursted out in what I can only describe as a girl-ish squeel.

Meanwhile, my boyfriend was in the kitchen making breakfast. "You okay?"

But I didn't have a chance to respond. The more I read the email the more excited I got. I continued my girl-ish squeel but added some quick arm movements in there too.

"Should I call an ambulance?" he finally yelled out.

I finally finished the email, jumped from my chair and began cheering happily. I had finally found a Keppler cousin - after years of hard work I had finally found someone who was also descended from the Kepplers AND to add the delicious cherry to the top of already enormous ice cream sundae: SHE HAD INFORMATION. And she was more than willing to share and had so many wonderful questions about the Doerflingers. Finally...I had been dreaming of this day for years.

So I ran into the kitchen screaming with joy and jumped right into my boyfriend's arms. I was so happy and excited and squeeling for joy.

I can't wait for my cousin to send me copies of the stuff she has. I've been waiting for ages to finally find someone who knew about and cared about the Kepplers. She has information on things that I didn't even know about. And, she has lots of genealogists in the family: Herself (who is learning and the newbie), her daughter (waiting for an email response), and her cousin (who has the family bible I never knew about).

Personally, it doesn't take much to make me do the genealogy happy dance. I love every detail in genealogy, no matter how small.


Janet Iles said...

You really did the happy dance. Its great news for you that you have made this new connection.

Bill West said...

I smiled reading this, Elyse.
One of the best parts of my
geneablogging is the relatives
I've discovered because of it.

Good post!


Professor Dru said...


I could feel your joy and excitement as I read your post. Congratulations on your new found family.

Andrea Christman said...

This is a GREAT story! Congratulations!

Cindy said...

Thank goodness that initial email made all the forward trips! What a fantastic story! I need this kind of connection for a couple of my lines! Thanks for sharing!