Sunday, February 1, 2009

Saturday Night Fun Provided By Genea-Musings

Randy Seaver over at Genea-Musings posted an awesome fun challenge. Here are the rules in order to play along:

1.) Go to your My Pictures folder (or the equivalent) and pick out the 6th item in that folder. Then pick out the 6th item in that folder, and so forth, until you get to an actual picture.

2) Post that picture to your blog with an explanation of what the picture depicts, including place and date.

So here is my picture:

This picture was taken at Juliana's Wedding last November. My boyfriend, Billy, is holding his newest baby cousin, Gabriel, for the first time. He had been too nervous and scared to hold the baby until tonight, because newborns are so fragile. By the time of the wedding, Gabriel was about a month old.

Multiple people had already tried to get the baby to sleep with no success. Then Billy held the baby, and sure enough, he got him to sleep. This picture just warms my heart.


Janet Iles said...

What a great photo! He has the magic touch.