Friday, May 1, 2009

Data Backup Day

Are you backing your data up?

Recently, I've added a new part to my backup process - I now use SkyDrive. For those of you not familiar with SkyDrive, it is Windows' Online Storage Area. They provide free storage for up to 25GB.

The bad part is that you have to upload everything file by file. But - it's free, so what do you expect?

For me, it is just nice to know that my genealogy is in yet another place, so that if disaster ever strikes I have lots of options.

Anyway - remember to back your data up today in order to prevent the loss of all your hard work!


Ruth said...

Hi Elyse!
Thanks for posting about SkyDrive! I had never heard of it. 25GB is enough for my entire genealogy all the socks in my sock drawer! While it will take awhile to get everything uploaded, for FREE I can put up with that minor limitation!
I had tried Mozy some months ago, but it took forever and tied up my computer and bogged it down for several days (DSL connection) and still didn't upload everything. I finally gave up on it.
Have a great day!
Ruth Stephens

Anonymous said...

One file at a time is a big downer. I use this free 50gig place and you can upload/download/sideload folders.

It was a bit misleadig at first as i thought it was a trial or something, but i am still using it a few months later.


Ruth said...

Hey Bobby,
Thanks for the tip about ADrive! I went to the site and it does say 50GB is free, with folder uploads. Much quicker! Might be the way to go, as so many people seem to distrust Microsoft. I don't have a problem with them, but then I don't upload anything "sensitive", such as personal finanacial data or the like. Just old pix and old documents.

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