Tuesday, June 2, 2009

FamilyBuilder DNA Tests

Just to let everyone know, I am now an affiliate of FamilyBuilder DNA. I got an email from the company, suggesting I try out their affiliate program. Why am I telling you this? Because I think it is important to be straight up with you.

To be honest, I've never taken a DNA test before merely because I've never been able to afford it. I've always wanted to buy one so I can use it to test my dad and a distant cousin I found (We've got an ancestor that I can't quite prove). Unfortunately, it doesn't seem like $100 to spare will drop out of the sky, so I doubt I'll be taking one any time soon.

Now, I want to know what everyone thinks about this:

1.) Anyone have any experience/thoughts/comments/suggestions with FamilyBuilder DNA?
2.) Anyone have any thoughts/comments/suggestions/experience about affiliate programs? Are they good, bad, so-so?

I really am just curious as to what people think...so please share!


Pat's Place said...

I have heard people be excited about what they found out from DNA tests, but I wonder about the accuracy of those results. And do the results vary from company to company?

momofthree said...

I’ve actually tried the test with Familybuilder (YDNA) and it’s the least expensive of the DNA tests out there. All the tests get the same outcome since the DNA results don’t ever change. My main reason for getting the test was out of curiosity about our family’s various appearances and features, not really to seek out relatives. I think other DNA tests cost more because of database access. At first, the results seemed quite simple but the team over there keeps throwing in more information. They recently just added DNA matching, so I can see if I share common ancestors with others. Additionally, I receive updates on new information added to my account from my DNA test. And they’re not charging extra! Needless to say, they’ve added more value for the low cost. I think it’s a great cost-effective way to delve much deeper into family history and develop a background/intro page when building our tree. The results are easily brought into facebook through their facebook application and my family can see it without having to sign up to an entirely new network. And since not all my relatives are interested family history (yet), it’s easy to share my discovery with them.

I’m glad you’re working with them. They didn’t just take my money and run, and continue to keep offering more to their customers.