Saturday, June 27, 2009

SCGS Jamboree 2009 - A Weekend of Fun! (Part 1)

This past weekend I was fortunate enough to be able to go to the Southern California Genealogy Society Jamboree of 2009. The Jamboree was held in Burbank, California at the Marriot Hotel.

I arrived to the hotel at about 8:15 on Friday morning. I had volunteered to help with the Kids Camp, which was being put on by Michael Melendez (finally - someone who attended the conference who was younger than me!). The first person I met (who was also volunteering for Kids Camp) was Diane Wright (a Graveyard Rabbit!). Diane is such a sweet person and it was great hanging out with her during Kids Camp. After Kids Camp, the two of us went to go get some lunch at Del Taco, which was just across the street.

After kids camp I went wondering over to the hotel lobby, a bit nervous and unsure as to what I should do. I had some time to waste before my first lecture and I was a bit anxious to start meeting people but, I'll be honest, I was a bit terrified at first. This was my very first genealogy conference and I had never met any of these people in person before. It wasn't long however, before I spotted some geneabloggers sitting in a small group of the hotel lobby. I was a bit scared at first, but I took some deep breaths and worked up the courage to walk up and introduce myself. Everyone was so welcoming, so kind, so funny - and within miliseconds, everyone was cracking jokes and discussing the plans for the weekend as if we had all known each other for years. Everyone was more amazing than I could have dreamed (and that is not an exaggeration!)

Before I show the picture of some of these wonderful people, I have to tell you about how I met footnoteMaven. I did not recognize her at first and I didn't even realize it was her until I looked down at her badge. As soon as I saw who she was my eyes got big and I went "Oh, it is such an honor to meet you!" (I also believe a little squeal slipped out too). So footnoteMaven, I hope you tell your husband this story and he finally believes that you are someone special in the geneablogging community.

And here is the picture of some of the great geneabloggers that I met, including footnoteMaven (of course, with her face blocked!)

Top row from left to right: Susan Kitchens, Schelly Dardashti, and me.
Bottom row from left to right: Kathryn Doyle, Sheri, and footnoteMaven.

I spent the afternoon in some lectures:
  • Organize, Plan, and Share Your Family Tree with Legacy Family Tree by Geoffry Rasmussen
  • Writing Your Research Plan by Betty Lou Melesky, CG
That night I finally met Gini and her husband, Steve (Steve deserves the "Husband of the Year" award because he isn't into genealogy, but he spent the entire weekend with Gini being the driver and attending the lectures). Both of them are so incredibly kind, caring, and sweet people.

Then Gini and her husband Steve, Randy Seaver and his wife Linda, and I all went out to dinner. We went to a Greek restaurant that had some pretty good food.

Then Gini and Steve drove me to my Aunt Caroline's house, where I was staying for the weekened. I then stayed up until about 11:30 talking to my Aunt Caroline about the time I had. I had a great weekend and had a blast!


geneabloggers said...

It was great to finally meet you and I am thankful you were at Jamboree to also lower the age demographics! I (and many other geneabloggers) was very impressed by your presence at #scgs09 and your enthusiasm for genealogy!

Cheryl Fleming Palmer said...

Nice post Elyse! So glad you enjoyed the Jamboree so much and it wasn't a let down or anything for you. I am sorry I wasn't around more to talk with you, but at least we did get to meet!

Alex said...

Looks like so much fun! I'm sure everyone recognised you without you introducing yourself. Thanks for posting the photo, plus all your #scgs09 updates on Twitter.

Elizabeth said...

It was great meeting you, Elyse! I hope to see you at more events in the future! BTW, aren't you also eligible for DAR??? ;-)

Gini said...

It was so good to meet you in person Elyse, and fun hanging out with you. We are so glad that we could help out with the commuting, it was safe and easier for you. I had the time of my life there this was hard leaving! You are a sweetheart.

Sheri said...

Elyse Dahling,

Let me help you fill in those two blank spots you left in the photo caption. The Kool Kool Kitty seated on the left is Kathryn Doyle and seated next to her is yours truly. It was wonderful meeting you. You have so much to offer the world of genealogy. Wish you lived up here in Northern California I just know that you would give some life to old blood.