Saturday, August 15, 2009

My Ultimate Genealogy Goal - SNGF!

It's time for Saturday Night Genealogy Fun again! Randy Seaver of the Genea-Musings blog has come up with a very thought provoking challenge for this week. (Read the instructions here)

Here are my answers:

My ultimate genealogy goal is to research my family tree with as many stories, details, pictures, and records that I can find. With my research, I want my descendants and relatives to understand where they come from.

As I age, I watch my family, especially my extended family, grow farther and farther apart. Our family get-togethers are less frequent and the family traditions are beginning to disappear. Ever since the "rock" of the family died in 2007, things have been different. Despite the efforts of some, things are just not the same. As our family traditions begin to disappear, I am desperately trying to record them.

But I need to organize all of the information that I collect into some form so that it will be meaningful to someone. I would like to create a general book on my genealogy. Then, I would like to create a book on my Dugger line (and indirect lines) from Tennesee, North Carolina, and Virginia. Finally, I would love to write another book on my German lines; Doerflinger, Keppler, and Harney.

I am still young, so I hope that I have at least 5 decades left to do this research (I'll be 70).

While I feel that I am definitely actively researching, there is a lot of priorities that I could change to make my goal a reality. If I quit blogging, facebook, reading blogs, and all of the other forms of social networking, then I would probably complete my goal a lot sooner. However, I am not willing to give up the social aspect of genealogy because it is just too much fun!

But honestly...I need to start focusing my research in order to accomplish more with my research. I really want to complete this goal.


Bill West said...

Ah,Elyse,I envy you. You'll learn
so many things as more and more
information becomes accessible in
the future!

I enjoyed you post, and I hope there will be more genealogists like yourself coming along in that future.