Wednesday, September 9, 2009

What's Your Top 40?

Family Tree Magazine wants you to nominate a genealogy blog for the Family Tree 40 Best Genealogy Blogs. (Read more about the project over at Genealogy Insider).

The good news is, you can nominate for as many blogs as you'd like - including your own! I highly suggest you all go out and start nominating your favorite genealogy blogs.

My goal is to nominate one blog per day (preferably a different blog each day). I have already nomintated Geneabloggers, Genea-Musings, footnoteMaven, DearMyrtle, and my own blog. However, I have a lot of blogs that I plan on nominating.

To nominate a blog, click here

Who will you be nominating?


geneabloggers said...

Thanks for nominating GeneaBloggers! There are so many good genealogy blogs out there - not sure how we can pick only 40!

DianaR said...

So far I've only nominated one - I'm such a slacker!! - but that one was your blog! :-)

Guess I'd better get to work...I like the one-a-day idea.

footnoteMaven said...

You are such a love. Thank you.

And as you gave me the in-person thrill of a lifetime, of course I nominated you!