Friday, February 20, 2009

My Data Backup Day Plan

Losing your genealogy to some sort of disaster (computer crash, fire, flood, etc) is devasting. It is important to put preventative measures into place NOW - because your genealogy could be wiped out at any minute.

That is why I signed up for Mozy. Mozy is a free backup service that downloads onto your computer, and then backups the files of your choosing onto an online server. I currently use the free version, which provides 2GB of space (but there are paid versions that offer a lot more space). Since I only backup my genealogy related files (and a select few other files that are important to me), I don't go over the 2GB of space. I have set my Mozy to backup my files whenever my computer is idle for 30 minutes. Having my files backup on a regular basis help give me peace of mind.

I also use a flash drive to save my genealogy files, and also keep them portable. If I need to leave quickly - I can just stick the tiny flash drive into my pocket. Plus - it makes my genealogy portable, and I can easily show pictures, reports, and files to my family members without having to bring my computer along.

When it comes to my physical genealogy and family history related materials, I am in a bit more trouble. If I had to leave my house in a disaster, it would be difficult to take all of my geeI have all of my genealogy and family history stuff in boxes right now...and it would definitely take me a few trips to put all of the boxes into the car. These originals are priceless to me, and even if I had a picture/scan of each thing (which I am working on), it wouldn't be the same.


John said...

If you decide you need more space than the 2gb of free space they give you make sure you check for a promotional code for Mozy. I regularly post some on my site. The best one I have found can save you 15%.

Robin said...

This is a wonderful idea and something I had not even thought of. Currently just have photos and documents on computer. All the other stuff is on but want someway to download and have hard copy to print for future project.