Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Genea-Bloggers Games Updates

Alrighty so for the weekend I've had a pretty lousy cold and I've been out of it for a bit. However, the cold did give me time to do some work for the games on and offline that I haven't recorded here. So, it is five in the morning and my stupid cough won't go away, but I will do my genealogy anyway.

Alright so I joined 3 blog networks this weekend (Genealogy Roots Blog, Forensic Genealogy, GeneaNet Genealogy Blog - GeneaSofts). All of these blogs are really rather interesting and I am happy that I joined them.

I also went on my computer and began backing up a lot of the genealogy related files that I have saved. I back all the articles and pictures onto a flashdrive and I upload my gedcom onto multiple genealogy websites to store it. It felt good to do that because I realized that I had strayed from my routine of backing up twice a week.

I also went through and deleted some of the old backups. Creating back ups twice every week makes the backups clog everything on your flashdrive. So, I deleted some of the old ones but I always keep atleast 3 of the last back ups (That way, if one doesn't work, hopefully the other will).

I am very proud of myself because I also created 5 new citations on my brand new tree that I've been making. I'm making a brand new tree because I felt that my other one (which I've used from the start) lacked citations, logic in some places, and overall truth. So I've been rebuilding my family tree from scratch in an attempt to preserve the truth of my work.

Oh and not to forget, I commented on Amy's Genealogy Blog (Which apparently for some reason I forgot to subscribe to...opps! I'll have to get on that!)

Wow - it has been a jam-packed weekend. But lets tally that up:
1.) Genealogical Acts of Kindness: 4
2.) Organization: 1
3.) Back ups: 1
4.) Cite Your Sources: 5

We'll see - look what a cup of hot chocolate and waking up at 5 A.M. will do to you! You'll get ahead on all your genealogy to-do items.

By the way everyone, last night I finished my video series on the U.S. Federal Census. The only video I will add to this is a video describing where you can find the census, where you can find forms to help you record what you find, etc. It'll be a really basic video, whenever I get around to creating it. As you'll notice, the last 6 videos or so are short. The reason for that is because I want to eventually upload this series onto but they have a requirement for the videos to be a lot shorter than what is allowed on Youtube. The goal is to redo all those U.S. Census videos before school starts at the end of this month so that I can upload the entire series to RootsTelevision. I'll keep my fingers crossed on this one.

Alrighty, my cat is begging me to get back into bed. That cat of mine loves to snuggle.

Good luck on the games everyone!