Friday, August 8, 2008

What is a genealogist?

My little cousin noticed my filing cabinet with all the pictures and documents neatly stored. She started asking me why I have it and what I use it for.

But as I tried to explain the word "Genealogist" she got confused and didn't seem to understand what I meant. So after some brainstorming, we went over what a family tree is, the pictures of our family tree, and what a genealogist is. So here are the things we came up with.

- A Genealogist is like a detective. They search for clues in order to solve the mystery of our family tree.

- A Genealogist is a person who travels into history to get the story about their family.

- A Genealogist loves photos because they give the story of the family tree in pictures

- A Genealogists' work is never done because a family tree is never done.

Even though my little cousin is only 6, I am already recruiting her for genealogy. I am so excited - hopefully she can be the person I pass all my work to once I can't do research anymore.

Okay...this cold is really getting rather ridiculous. I want to stay up and research and get started on those games but I have this stupid cold and I can't stay awake for long. My head just might explode....

Hopefully I'll be feeling better tommorrow and I'll be back on track with those games.


Jennifer said...

It is always good to recruit a little cousin! My "little cousin" is about your age now. I recruited her a couple of years ago and she has been a big help at times. Her mom and my mom are sisters. When I was helping her with her paternal grandmother's side of the family, we found that her great-grandfather and his first wife actually lived next door to our great-grandmother and her parents on our maternal grandfather's side in the 1910 census. This was an awesome find because I would have never been able to find our great-grandmother's family due to a gross misspelling of the last name. I had been looking for years. Just proves two heads are better than one! I'm also in the process of recruiting my fiance's niece, who is 17.