Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Heritage Scrapbooking

As you accumulate lots of pictures in your genealogy hunt, you might want to consider tuning in your creative side in order to show those pictures off: Make a heritage scrapbook.

First rule: Never use the original pictures when scrapbooking because that can damage the originals.  Instead, make copies of the originals, and use those copies for scrapbooking.

So, just like any other scrapbooking projects, you are going to need some supplies.  If you are just started to get acquainted with your crafty scrapbooking side, then you might want to consider starting smaller by creating a shadow box.  You can find all of the supplies that you could ever need at my amazon store.  

If you have already done some heritage scrapbooking, I would love to see some of those pages.  Please, send me the pictures of those pages to - I might show them on here (with your permission of course).  So send those pictures in!