Sunday, January 4, 2009

A Must-See Organization Checklist By DearMYRTLE

Those of you who have been doing genealogy for a long while probably remember DearMYRTLE's original Get Organized Monthly Checklists that were originally on AOL's Genealogy page (which, don't bother going to AOL for genealogy help, because it isn't there anymore).  These checklists were designed by Ol' Myrt herself to get everyone out of the chaos and into organization.

Well, these checklists were eventually taken off the internet (and trust me - I've missed them dearly.  If it wasn't for an old copy of these that I found printed out, I would've probably been crying).  Guess what?  We are all in luck because Ol' Myrt has decided to put up a new and improved checklist!

This checklist is WONDERFUL!  January's is already posted and I hope everyone follows along.  I can't wait for February's!


Myrt said...

Thanks for noticing Ol' Myrt's newly revised Organization Checklist for January 2009.

Keep up your other great writing - I've been watchin' ya, kiddo! Way to go, girl!

Myrt :)

jacker said...
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