Saturday, January 24, 2009

"I'm An American!!"

I was talking to my aunt today about my latest genealogical finds.  It included discovering that one of my ancestors was born in France or Italy.  My aunt made a joke that I must be Italian, because I talk so loud and I move my arms so much.

Then my little cousin, Audrie, looks up and goes, "You're Italian?". 

"I just might be," I said.  Then she went quiet and my aunt and I continued our conversation, talking about how we are mostlikely English and how I am Welsh.

Then Audrie looked up and goes "What is Welsh?".  So I explained to her that Welsh people are people that come from a country called Wales.  She looks up at me and goes "People don't come from Whales and they can't breathe underwater."

"No, baby, I'm talking about a country that is called Wales.  It is next to England.  I'm not talking about the animal."  She gave me a nodd but she still looked skeptical.

Then, we somehow got on the topic that America is made of people of lots of races and cultures.  She looks up and goes "No...everyone is the same,". 

"Baby, the cool thing about America is that everyone comes from different places.  Like you, you're Mexican and English."  That seemed to make her extremely angry.

"I don't know what you're talking about!" she screamed.  "I'm an American!!!" she said and then she stormed off.


Kristin Hopper said...

This is so cool - to find someone my own age who shares the same passion about genealogy. I am an 18 yr old student in Virginia who has a blog about the genealogy of the presidents at This is based upon research that my father has done - since we are related to 14 different Presidents, including Barack Obama. He shares our same Hudson ancestors who were among the first settlers at Jamestown. I look forward to continue following your blog - and I hope that you will also check out mine and comment on it. Thank you - Kristin Hopper