Thursday, January 14, 2010

New Youtube Video: Big Annoucement

I just wanted to let everyone know that I have a brand new Youtube video out.  I'm hoping to make another one tomorrow, but with editing and all, it probably won't be up until Saturday or Sunday.

Here is the video:

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If you have any suggestions, comments, or video requests please email me.  I love hearing from people and talking with them!


M said...

Congratulations Elyse!

Lynn Palermo said...

Nicely done!

Barbara Poole said...

I enjoyed your presentation. Only problem is, I won't be able to attend the Jamboree.

Jenna said...

Ah, if only I had started my research at your age!!! You are doing a great job, good luck at the Jamboree.

Dennis said...

Congratulation!!! I am looking forward to more YouTube video. Being the GenealogyScrounge if you need help finding free video software say for demoing computer stuff (screen casting) let me know.